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Tips to start your skincare routine at home

We have prepared a care ritual made especially for beginners in skincare routines, who want to take better care of their skin. DO NOT THINK ABOUT BUYING SEVERAL PRODUCTS FOR SKINCARE…

If you want to start a skincare routine and have no idea where to start, let alone which products to use, this article will shed some light on you. Check!

The Skincare rule is:
Clean – Prepare – Nourish and Protect

Wash your face regularly, every day in the morning and at night.

First of all remember to use a soap or cleansing milk that is compatible with your skin. By doing this daily cleaning, you avoid the accumulation of dirt, makeup residue, oil and bacteria.

After cleaning, it is necessary to prepare the skin to be able to receive the Nutrition and Hydration treatment.

This phase is extremely important. The preparation must be done with Facial Tonic or Thermal Water, so that the skin is ready for the next steps.

Now that your skin is ready, it's time to Nourish and Hydrate.

It is at this stage that the products will penetrate deeply into your skin.

Bet on vitamin C , it's always a good start, for any skin type. In addition to being an antioxidant, it helps to prevent the signs of skin aging, makes the skin more vibrant, improves its texture and evens out its tone.

You can also opt for moisturizers or nourishing serums, which act to increase the luminosity of the skin and control excess oil.

And last but not least: Use a sunscreen that suits your skin well.

All the previous care is useless if you don't protect your skin. Apply sunscreen to keep your face protected from the damage of ultraviolet rays, and don't forget that it is essential to adopt this habit every day.

Beautiful skin is the result of a daily care routine.

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