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Founded in May 2010, Purah Beauty was developed with the purpose of providing
its customers high-quality cosmetic products for hair care.

Purah offers professionals a full range of exceptional products that were developed in its own factory, Prom Beauty.

You also need wings to fly... 🦋

The butterfly

"The butterfly is considered the symbol of transformation , change and renewal. It also represents new beginnings, beauty, happiness, the ephemerality of nature, protection, and good energy."

History of PURAH

A small caterpillar called Clara, who felt that she didn't fit into that body and its characteristics, had too many legs and didn't like what she saw, but she never let herself be carried away by those thoughts, she tried to focus on her goals instead of her own feelings. limitations.

Clara wasn't like the other caterpillars, who didn't worry about tomorrow, she liked to make plans. I heard many stories about the other side of the forest, where there was a river with a beautiful waterfall, various flowers and trees, with many colors and fruits of all flavors. Despite knowing that it would take a long time to get there, as even with many paws, they were very slow and uncoordinated, the objective was clear.

So with this dream, the little caterpillar didn't stop for a single day! He was always trying to improve the coordination of his paws to be able to walk faster, he was always looking to eat greener foods that would give him more
energy to be able to walk faster and then reach the other side of the forest! But, it seemed that even with all her effort, Clara was not even halfway there, her little paws were walking slower and slower, and her effort was
getting bigger and bigger, but he never lost motivation and continued to try harder and harder.

One day, Clara felt that she was more tired than usual, so she prepared a nice bed and slept, but without realizing it she slept for days! When she woke up and realized how much time had passed, Clara was very upset as she had lost a lot of time on her walk, which wasn't even halfway done yet.

As she woke up and got out of her bed, Clara realized that something had changed, she had beautiful colorful wings, she was able to fly and finally felt good about her little body. So, she decided to set out and, in less than a day, she managed to reach the other side of the forest and all the waiting was worth it, it was even more beautiful than she imagined.

Now, with all the confidence in the world, she felt that nothing could shake her, she was more beautiful than ever, and her entire journey as a caterpillar served to show how strong and confident she was, and now her mission in life was to show others how important it was to trust the process and the importance of each phase of the process.
life, and warn the little caterpillars to have confidence and patience and bring optimism and happiness to everyone around them.

Clara is the most beautiful butterfly in her world, because she is strong, free and unique.

Clara highlighted the importance of trusting the process and valuing each stage of life, because if at a certain moment we don't feel well, it is essential
believe that there will be progress and that enriching experiences will be acquired. Once we overcome this challenging phase, its significant impact on maturity and our personal development becomes evident.

Believing in the process, trusting in change and reflecting on everything you've been through... that's how you become an incredible butterfly!

This is Purah's mission, to make everyone feel good, regardless of their stage of life, to bring joy and optimism to everyone around us, and to remember, whenever necessary, how beautiful each stage of life is. is important. Each transformation is an achievement, each change is a victory, the entire process is a successful achievement, we are all a constant metamorphosis and every day we grow and change a little. We are always looking for our ideal butterfly.