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5 mistakes you've made with your skin

Taking care of our skin is a big challenge. In addition to the time needed to do this, you need to really know your skin type to apply daily care correctly. We have all made several mistakes that we have no idea are really MISTAKES and that harm the health of our skin.


Check out in this article if you are making a mistake that you cannot make anymore.

  • Using body products on the face

The skin of the face has different characteristics from the skin of the rest of the body, it is more sensitive and delicate. Many people have dry skin on the body and oily skin on the face, and therefore, every skin need must be answered with the right product, so as not to risk causing any problems.


  • Sleep with makeup

This is one of the worst mistakes and also one of the most common. This habit may seem harmless, but it is the most responsible for the aging of our skin. Makeup clogs pores, contributing to the appearance of pimples and blackheads, and hinders cell renewal, causing premature aging of the skin.


  • Not washing makeup brushes

If you are a regular make-up user, you should know that brushes accumulate a lot of dirt, which can be quite harmful to our skin. Wash your makeup brushes every 15 days to prevent fungi and bacteria from harming your skin's health.


  • Use hot water to wash your face

Who never? On colder days, you just want to wash your face with hot water, but this is a very serious mistake. Hot water ends up removing the oil from the skin and opens the pores of the face, the result of this action is the drying of the skin that stimulates the production of oil even more.


  • Not using sunscreen all year

This mistake greatly damages our skin in the long run and is only visible years later. UV rays are the main responsible for the aging of our skin and therefore, this should be a habit for every day. In addition to contributing to younger and healthier skin, it is a great ally against skin cancer.


Were you surprised by these mistakes you've surely made? Don't do them anymore!


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