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Stop using the wrong Mask on your hair!

Each hair is a hair… each mask is a mask.

All hair types have different requirements and concerns, which is why it is essential to look at formulas and ingredients to find out which mask is most suitable for your hair type .

Also the frequency of using the mask depends on the hair type, extremely dry hair may need to use the mask twice a week and finer hair only once.


What is the Hair Mask and what does it do for your hair?

The Mask is an essential treatment cosmetic for damaged and dry hair, often confused with the Conditioner. It consists of a more concentrated product, which acts on the strands and offers hair more strength, shine and protection.

This product, when applied, forms an outer protective layer, which prevents the hair from being easily damaged due to the various aggressions to which it is exposed throughout the day, such as the sun, dryer and chemical procedures. In its inner layer, the mask offers fiber restructuring in the form of hydration and nutrition.

How to choose the right mask for your hair?

There are different types of masks that work at different stages of the hair schedule, such as Moisturizing, Nourishing or Reconstructing Masks. Therefore, it is really important to make sure that the type of mask you are using is suitable for your hair's current needs.

In this article we give you some tips on the purpose of each type of mask and we present the best solutions for the needs of each type of hair.


The objective: To develop a daily hydration that makes the hair more alive, hydrated and shiny.
The best solution: Formulated with Aloe Vera, a plant known for its medicinal, emollient and nourishing characteristics, to make hair more hydrated and smooth.
Hair schedule step: HYDRATION
The most suitable mask: Daily Use



The objective: to nourish in depth, fill and rebuild the hair fiber, improving the elasticity and density of the hair.
The best solution: Masks with deeply hydrating oils (such as Jojoba and Argan oil), rich in keratin and Panthenol.
Hair schedule stage: RECONSTRUCTION
The most suitable mask: Restore


The objective: Combat damage caused by external agents, control frizz and hair volume and protect the strands.
The best solution: Masks with special hydrating actives and argan oil that provide hair with hydration, lightness and softness.
Hair schedule step: NUTRITION
The most suitable mask: Argan Shine



The objective: To assist in the replacement of the essential elements for the vitality of the strands that have straightening, to restructure the hair fiber in order to leave the hair smooth and loose.
The best solution: Hydrating masks with keratin and coconut oil, which eliminate frizz and provide intense shine and perfect straightness.
Hair schedule stage: RECONSTRUCTION
The most suitable mask: Deep Care



The objective: To protect the color and fight against sun damage, nourish and reveal the shine of colored or highlighted hair.
The best solution: Masks rich in hydrating oils, sunflower seeds and UV filters, which protect the color.
Hair schedule step: NUTRITION
The most suitable mask: Bella Color


The objective: To protect blonde, bleached or highlighted hair and neutralize the yellow tones of the hair, providing shine and a healthy appearance.
The best solution: Purple masks, rich in Panthenol and amino acids that replenish proteins and provide nutrition.
Hair schedule step: MATIZATION
The most suitable mask: Silver Violet

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