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Skincare for every age

Over the years, our skin, like our entire body, undergoes several changes and develops new needs . Therefore, our skincare routine must be adapted to the needs of each stage of our skin.

First of all, sun protection is essential at all ages!

As a general rule, the ideal skin routine should be the same at any age: Cleansing , Toning and Hydrating . What varies are the most recommended products, treatments and actives.

Find out in this article which types of products are most recommended for your skin age.

Skincare at age 20

At age 20, it is common for our skin to be more oily and prone to acne, due to constant hormonal changes. The care of our skin at this stage of life must be essentially focused on hygiene and prevention . Hydration is essential and sun protection is essential. A weekly exfoliation is also recommended.

Skincare at age 30

Around the age of 30, our skin begins to lose collagen production and consequently its elasticity, and the first signs of aging begin to be noticed, such as the first wrinkles in the eye area. For this reason, at this stage of life, hygiene and hydration is even more fundamental and we should bet on more intense treatments that stimulate collagen production.

Skincare at 40

In our 40s, generally, our skin has already lost 10% of its collagen, it becomes drier and more sensitive and deeper wrinkles appear. Therefore, the most recommended are moisturizing products that promote skin restructuring and nutrition , as well as stronger skincare products, with anti- wrinkle action and firming agents , according to the needs of each skin.

Skincare at +50 years

The care that was done in previous years is what will define the state of your skin at this age. At this point, sagging skin is already noticeable, not only on the face, but also on the neck and body. Thus, at this age, our skin is thinner and more sensitive and there is a great decrease in cell renewal and skin dehydration. Cleansing , sun protection , anti-aging creams and lighteners should be the biggest bet at the age in question, you should opt for products that deep clean and keep the skin more moist and nourished.

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