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5 Mistakes Women With Colored Hair Can't Make!

Those who have colored hair need to take some extra care, especially if their hair has gone through a bleaching process.

Unfortunately, many women still make fatal mistakes with their dyed hair. Find out in this article what these mistakes are, and what you should stop doing with your dyed hair, so as not to damage your hair anymore.

Sunbathing without thermal protection

Use protection!
The sun is one of the factors that most damages and dries out hair, especially dyed hair, which already has a tendency to be drier. Use Leave-in with UV protection to protect your hair.

Wash your hair with boiling water

This is not correct!
High temperatures end up dilating the hair cuticles and consequently favoring dryness, which is already quite common in hair that undergoes chemical processes. To achieve an incredible shine, start by sanitizing the hair with warm water to remove excess oil and then remove the shampoo with colder water.

Using shampoos that are not for colored hair

Do not do that again!
Use shampoos suitable for colored hair, as they have products and actives that really protect and do not damage the color of the hair.

Wash your hair many times a week

If you have this habit, stop immediately!
Washing the hair every day removes the oil from the strands, and in colored hair, in which it is normal for the strands to be drier, it is not at all advisable. Ideally, wash at least every other day.

Dye all your hair very often

Dying your hair all too often is a mistake!
The hair ends up being damaged, dry and dehydrated. Choose to touch up only the roots when necessary.

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