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5 Skincare Myths That Aren't Really True!

Skincare has never been talked about as much as it is nowadays…
But the truth is that much of what is said is not entirely correct!
We must pay attention to the things we hear and ensure that they are really true before we put them into practice in our routine.
Today, we leave some of the biggest skincare myths and many of them, you won't believe they are really myth!

1. You can't exfoliate your skin in summer

Exfoliation, when done at the right time and with proper products, does not expose deep layers of the skin, it only helps to remove dead cells and helps in their renewal. And regarding bronze, if it is natural, it will not be removed either.

For glowing and beautiful skin, exfoliation can be done 1 to 2 times a week, all year round, followed by good hydration.

2. Oily skin does not need hydration.

This is probably the biggest skincare myth you've ever heard. Oily-prone skin also needs hydration. The problem with this type of skins has nothing to do with oil, but with water. In fact, oily skin can be dehydrated and using a good moisturizer can help regulate and balance the skin's sebum production.

3. No need to use sunscreen in the shade.

This is one of the biggest mistakes ever.
UV rays reach the skin, even without being in direct contact with the sun. Therefore, it is essential to use sunscreen throughout the year and in any season.

4. The more products in the routine, the better!

That is not true.
It is possible to have a good skincare routine with just 3 products: cleansing tonic, moisturizer and protector. The important thing is to really do the routine daily, the other products only serve as a complement to keep your skin healthy.

5. The skin can become “addicted” to moisturizer.

The skin has a regenerating property, which does not allow it to become addicted to any product. The truth is that our skin, during the year, and over the years, has different needs. Therefore, we must adapt our skin routine and the products we use to each different type of need.

Don't let these myths influence your skincare routine. Discover the best products for your skin's needs here.

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