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5 Mistakes Every Man Has Made

In an attempt to maintain a quick and simple routine , many men tend to create bad habits that harm the health of their hair and beards . The truth is that male hair requires as much care as female hair, especially when it comes to hair loss.

Hair loss is a problem that affects many men and often starts quite early, around the age of 30. Although hair loss is often a genetic issue, most men suffer from this problem simply because of their lack of hair care .

In this article we have highlighted 5 mistakes that all men have already made when taking care of their hair and beard and that really contribute to the hair loss.

Use any shampoo

Knowing your hair type is essential to be able to choose the right products to use in your routine. Each hair is a hair, and hair with dandruff does not need the same care as oily hair.

Therefore, the habit of using any type of shampoo, including shampoos not suitable for male hair, is a habit that greatly damages the hair and tends to make the strands dry and cause the hair to fall out.

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Wash your beard with hair shampoo

As with hair, you should also pay attention to all the products you use when washing and caring for your beard.

The use of inappropriate products and washing with excess product are some of the habits that cause dandruff, seborrhea, hair loss and dryness .

If you want to have a voluminous and well-groomed beard, don't make that mistake again! Use a shampoo suitable for beard wires, making them softer, stronger and avoiding problems such as dandruff and hair loss.

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Forgetting to hydrate your beard

Beard strands tend to be thicker and drier than those on the scalp and the rest of the body, so beard hydration should also be a care not to forget, because it is a process that makes all the difference!

A good and recurrent hydration is the main routine that a man with a beard must have in order to keep his strands well aligned. This is the process that reduces dryness, controls the strands and makes them softer to the touch , so you no longer have a rebellious beard.

And don't forget to use a wooden brush! It will be your best ally in reducing hair frizz!

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Using soaps instead of shaving cream

Using soap to shave is really a big mistake!

Soap helps the blade to glide more easily, however its properties tend to dry the skin and eliminate the natural oil that protects it. This can cause the appearance of pimples and contribute to a greater frequency of ingrown hairs. The ideal is to use shaving cream or foam , which help to soften the wires, providing a smoother cut and very close to the skin.

Gentlemen Shaving Cream , composed of Aloe Vera, the best active to prevent irritation, also contains all the properties necessary for the perfect cut, reducing the risk of cuts, scratches and ingrown hairs.

Not taking care of hair loss from the start

Hair loss is really a problem that contributes a lot to the low self-esteem of men and therefore it should be an issue that should be given importance since the first sharp hair loss occurs.

There are no perfect products that actually stop hair loss, as this is a normal process over the years in the lives of human beings. However, there are products that prevent and help to prevent this fall from being too sharp.

Purah Gentlemen Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo , formulated with Kopexyl®, is a hair growth stimulator . Controls hair loss by preventing hair follicle hardening and atrophy and eliminates all residues , leaving hair smooth, strong and shiny .

Treat your hair and beard like a Gentlemen and use the right products!

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