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5 reasons to offer the PURAH Christmas Kit

Christmas is much more than just exchanging gifts…

It's creating bonds, it's a full table, it's remembering stories and laughing about it, it's seeing the children running around the house, it's being with the people we call Family. In short, Christmas is love, it’s union, it’s affection, it’s care…

The PURAH Christmas Kit brings all of this, in the form of a gift.

Today we tell you 5 reasons to offer the PURAH Christmas Kit .

1 – Offer moments

Offering a PURAH Christmas Kit means providing special moments in someone's care routine.

2 – Encourage the person to take care of themselves

People have a tendency to take care of others and forget about themselves. Caring is very important and one of the main motivators of self-esteem, so better than offering a gift is offering motivation to take more care of yourself.

3 – Offer a versatile and useful gift

The PURAH Kit also takes care of the environment, making it more relaxing, welcoming and fragrant, so that the person feels good not only about themselves, but also in the environment in which they find themselves.

4 – Take care of the person even while they sleep

Taking care of your hair and skin throughout the day isn't worth much if nighttime care is ignored!
During 8 hours of sleep, hair and skin are renewed and for them to always be healthy and cared for, it is essential that the fabric we lie on is suitable for hydration and renewal to be carried out correctly. Therefore, this kit contains a SATIN PILLOWCASE, which will also take care of the person during their sleeping hours.

5 – Promote a brand that will really make a difference in a person’s routine

Offering PURAH also means making people who have not yet had the opportunity to try products with professional technology aware of their quality, touch and effectiveness, thus making their routine one of the most pleasurable moments in their daily lives.

The PURAH Kit consists of:

  • 2 hair products to encourage professional quality care;
  • 5 scented candles for relaxing moments;
  • 1 aromatic diffuser to make any environment more welcoming;
  • 1 satin pillowcase to care for your hair and skin while you sleep, making them more hydrated and soft.

If you haven't yet bought the perfect Christmas gift for someone very special, take advantage of this kit and surprise your loved ones!

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