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5 serious mistakes you're making with your hair (and probably don't know)

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There are several mistakes related to hair care that you probably make every day and that you probably don't even realize.
With you in mind, we created this list of 5 serious mistakes, as a way to help you create healthier habits. Your hair will thank you!

1 - Shampoo on lengths and ends

The shampoo should only be applied to the roots of the hair. The foam that forms from the shampoo can be delicately dragged, using light movements and never rubbing, along the length of the hair to the ends. Not being careful can result in intense frizz and even breakage.

2 - Apply mask to the roots

Applying a mask to your hair is essential, but never to the roots! This type of products
contains substances that are harmful to the scalp. This can result in various problems and reactions like dandruff.
For this reason, always concentrate the mask on the lengths of your hair and ends.
Extra tip: never leave these products in your hair, always rinse until everything is removed.

3 – Sleeping with wet hair

Sleeping with wet hair is one of the most common and serious mistakes! This action can damage the fiber. A wet scalp in contact with your pillow can be the perfect environment for the installation and proliferation of fungi and bacteria that can cause various problems or illnesses. Whenever you wash your hair at the end of the day, dry at least the roots.

Extra tip: use a satin pillowcase as it brings immense benefits to your hair and skin!

4 - Apply a curling iron or plate to wet hair

Contact of wet fiber with a heat source is VERY damaging as it can result in dehydrated, dry and fragile hair.
Before using a straightener or styler, remove any excess moisture with a towel and dry at least 80% of your hair with a hairdryer.
Extra tip: Never forget to apply thermal protector before using a heat source on your hair.

5 - Untangling the wrong way

Well, even the way you comb your hair could be affecting your strands. This is one of the biggest causes of hair breakage.
Always comb from bottom to top. Start at the ends and work your way up until you reach the roots.
Extra tip: Use our leave-in products to untangle your hair more easily.

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Carlos Almeida
Carlos Almeida

Muito bom este artigo.
Muitos parabéns pelo conteúdo super elucidativo

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